Flagship is a commercial program that makes native linux executables out of Clipper and FoxPro code. It takes the code the user writes (the .PRG files) and produces C code which it then compiles, it does not depend on any of the old DOS or Windows executables.

In November of 2003, I went through these steps to make Clipper programs into linux executables on Slackware and Debian. Since then, as the various linuxes have advanced, they started using newer versions of gcc and various libraries; those steps don't work on the current (February 2005) Debian, or Redhat 9 and above. I believe that those steps would work if you were using the purchased Flagship Pro, instead of the free Personal Use edition, which is an older version. I will update this page as I learn more.

In February of 2005, I experimented with getting some FoxPro code to work using Flagship. I had some FoxPro code from a friend who used FoxPro 2.6 for DOS, running it on linux with dosemu (he says it works pretty well that way). These are my Flagship and FoxPro notes. (As of February of 2005, I was not successful in getting FoxPro code to work with the free personal version of Flagship, but if we are successful with the paid version I will post more information.

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Robert G. Ristroph
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